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ITL athletes are encouraging, positive, hard-working, real people. They have jobs, lives, responsibilities, and goals.  We are proud of all that they accomplish each day.   Hear from a few of the athletes about what they think of training with ITL.

ITL Athlete Jaclyn Williams
ITL Athlete Doug Hall
ITL Athlete Josh Witt
ITL Athlete Gordon Powell
ITL Athlete Nathan Briggs
ITL Athlete Krystle Andrews

"I've never been a part of a group that has made me feel so accepted, encouraged me to excel at my training, and helped me to develop bonds with such amazing people. I love ITL!"

Jaclyn W.

IM Finisher, 2015

Many thanks to George Darden for the training plan and inspiration. Adam Heiser and Chris Nasser are incredible for what they do at ITL. They are all great athletes but even better human beings. You know this from the moment you meet them.

Chris A.

ITL-Coached Athlete Since Summer 2014

Being a part of ITL is great! The group rides, swims, and runs are fun yet very effective. Coaches George, Adam, and Chris really know their stuff. There isn't another triathlon group I would rather be a part of.

Gordon P.

ITL-Coached Athlete Since Spring 2015

ITL’s culture is what makes the group truly special. The coaches and fellow athletes are the most supportive, positive, genuine group of individuals that have inspired and motivated me to achieve my dreams, pushing me to new levels both athletically and personally.

Lindsay W.

ITL-Coached Athlete Since Fall 2014

I thought I enjoyed my first 6 marathons, but then ITL opened my eyes to a whole new world of running. The last 5 have been much more meaningful.

Christian D.

ITL-Coached Athlete Since Fall 2013

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