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Autism Speaks @ Boston 2017



EVENT: 2017 Boston Marathon

EVENT DATE: APR 17, 2017



Hi! My name is Joshua Witt. 


I was diagnosed with autism at the age of three and a half, and know firsthand what it takes to live with this diagnosis.  Many years of occupational therapy, speech therapy, facilitators in school and tutors for homework became normal for my family. My mom & dad have spent many hours teaching, supporting and loving me.  My younger sisters patiently spent countless hours in the back seat of the car and in waiting-rooms during all of my appointments.  I have learned how to persevere and endure in life as well as athletic events.


In 2013 I ran my first Boston Marathon for an autism foundation and was the first autistic person to do so.  It was one of the proudest moments of my life, but that was also the same year as the horrifying events of the Boston Marathon bombings. The joy of that race was cut short.  However, it taught me the value of cherishing the people I love and moments I have with them.  


Since 2013, I have continued to participate in endurance events, completing many triathlons, marathons and two ironman races, in order to keep growing as an athelete and person.


This year I look forward to running the Boston Marathon in order to again raise money for autism.  I would be honored and grateful if you would join me in making a financial donation to assist other families faced with the financial challenges of caring for individuals diagnosed with autism.  My goal is $7,000.00 and my hope is that my performance will help inspire others with autism to persevere in achieving their goals.


Thank you so much!

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