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Our coaches are real people with phones, emails, and the desire to spend time with you during your training; we are vested in our athletes. We take a communal approach to coaching so there is always someone available to answer your questions and to help adjust your schedule. Life Happens! We are be glad to meet with you to chat about your goals and find the best plan to help you meet those goals.

Coach Adam Heiser

Adam Heiser

Founder and Coach

An entrepreneur, endurance coach, and athlete, Adam has created and fosters the ITL family that helps individuals to become the best that they can be. Adam founded ITL in 2013 and has been coaching a wide variety of endurance athletes ever since.  

Coach George Darden

An endurance coach for almost twenty years, George has helped a wide variety of athletes reach their athletic goals. Athletes appreciate his enthusiasm, knowledge, and willingness to explain the training process. George began working with ITL in 2014.


An endurance athlete for over 15 years, Jerome is passionate about the community and the sports and is dedicated to enhancing the experiences of all who participate. A Canuck by birth, Jerome has been in Atlanta for over 10 years and giving back to this community for the last 5 years. Jerome joined the ITL team in 2016.

George Darden


Jerome Feuitault


Coach Patrick Ollinger

Patrick Ollinger


Patrick is a running coach who first started running 15 years ago. Patrick enjoys working with runners of all experience levels. Athletes appreciate his passion for the sport and his knowledge about training and racing. Patrick joined the ITL team in 2017.


Jud is a Georgia native who comes to ITL with over 25 years of experience as an endurance runner and 7 years as a multi sport athlete. Jud is a multi sport coach and certified bike fitter who enjoys working with athletes of all experience levels and has a passion for helping others reach their athletic goals. Jud joined the coaching team in December of 2018.

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Katie is a running coach whose excitement about the sport is contagious. She has been running for over ten years. She is passionate about her athlete's goals and experiences. Katie is the wife of an ITL triathlete and mom to two aspiring runners. Katie started with ITL as an athlete and joined the coaching team in 2019.

Katie Ferguson


Jud Davis


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